Engagements with Nathan

Hello! Bit about me: I'm an experienced full-stack software engineer. I've been playing with Linux since 2002 and writing software professionally since 2011. I've shipped iOS and Android apps, consumer-facing websites, enterprise data science and ML tools and on lots of stacks in between. I believe that a full-stack perspective is vital in today's rapidly changing technological landscape. I've been around long enough to recognize patterns and avoid being distracted by shiny new toys. Great software solves crucial problems for its users, great engineers build at an appropriate scale and quality level for the problem at hand.

When I'm not building production code I can also help improve your development environment itself - let's work together to increase your developer productivity and morale! I believe that a culture that defaults to automation pays for itself in software quality, feature development velocity, predictability and developer quality of life.

Here are some technical areas I've worked in before. More details are available on my LinkedIn and GitHub profiles or please feel free to reach out directly with questions.

Polyglot backend focused full-stack engineer since 2011. Twelve factor apps in a variety of stacks

Java: Dropwizard, Jersey, servlets, Spring, Junit, Mockito, TestNG
Python: Flask, Django (DRF), Pyramid/Cornice, Twisted, Sql-Alchemy
Rust: Rocket, Actix-web, Diesel, Rusoto
Tooling: Nginx, Apache, ELK, REST & GraphQL, Swagger/OpenAPI

Building web pages and apps for more than a decade

Modern apps: React, Redux, Material-UI, Web Components, Webpack, Yarn/NPM, Typescript, Eslint, Prettier
Fundamentals: HTML5, CSS, Vanilla JS
Dinosaurs: jQuery, Backbone, Mustache, Dust.js, Brunch, Flow
Responsive design, mobile & tablet optimization, page-weight and load time optimization, A/B testing, analytic instrumentation

I try to build software that doesn't wake anyone up at night

Multi-cloud: Docker & Kubernetes on Heroku, AWS, GCP and Azure
Infrastructure as code: Terraform, Ansible, Github & Gitlab CI
Debian sysadmin since 2002: My first install was "Woody" from floppy disks
Spark, Numpy/Pandas, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Grafana, HDFS, Hive/Hadoop, Redshift
A/B testing, experimental design, multi-armed bandit optimization, statistical analysis
Continuous integration & deployment, code health & static analysis, build architecture, unit, functional & integration testing
System design, load testing, profiling, microbenchmarking, system monitoring, log collection