Bowdoin visit

September 18, 2011

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Just got back from a great weekend up at Bowdoin! This was my first official post-grad visit, and I think the strangest part was not being able to get into buildings (except for the Kanbar computer lab, go figure). Otherwise it was great to meet some of the new members of the Ultimate and Robocup teams. Looks like things are continuing on the same as they always have.

Blog-wise, I’ve finished setting up the basic layout. I’ve settled on using markdown for my posts, which are then parsed by Jekyll and served up as static HTML by my Pogoplug. I’m toying with the idea of setting up twitter-based comments, since I don’t want to deal with a classical comment system.

My next task is to fix up the written works section - now that I’ve graduated I think it’s time to put some of my favorite pieces back up…

Still love being able to update the site via git post-commit hooks - after commiting this post I’m just a

 git push deploy 

away from having it show up live. Awesome.