A little more about Nathan

Me elsewhere on the web:

I’m a 2011 graduate of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. I like brains, computers and math. I’m a former Ultimate Frisbee player and I and love to ski & sail.

My last full-time gig was as a full-stack software engineer and software engineering manager at Tamr. We used machine learning to make ETL a bit magical and my team in particular worked on the interactive data transformation engine.

Previously I worked as a full-stack developer at TripAdvisor. I started on the mobile team, and later worked exclusively on our iPad application and iPad optimized website. I ended up working on everything from the Instant Booking checkout flows to the database that powers commerce BI/analytics to that (now defunct) footer that spams you with pictures of your Facebook friends.

I was in charge of the low-level motion code for the Northern Bites Robocup Team (Standard Platform League), where I used particle swarm optimization to find a stable bipedal gait for the Aldebaran Nao robot. Additionally, I worked for Bowdoin’s NOC and as a TA for Computer Science 101.

My PGP fingerprint is: 577A 9EA5 05B2 2CAC B367 69C9 B2E7 22BC 4097 CF82.