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I’ve been freelancing since June 2018, helping small software companies to move more quickly on projects that I feel are good for the world. I’ve re-built deployment pipelines, shortening the commit-to-live cycle from weeks to minutes. I’ve written glue/plumbing code to make large uploads to S3 proceed smoothly on battery-limited devices. I’ve helped large organizations ingest sensor data across campuses of hundreds of buildings. I’m currently looking for my next project, so if any of this sounds relevant please head over to my engagements page for more info on working with me.

My last full-time gig was as a full-stack software engineer and software engineering manager at Tamr. We used machine learning to make ETL a bit magical and my team in particular worked on the interactive data transformation engine.

Before that I worked as a full-stack developer at TripAdvisor. I started on the mobile team, and later worked on the iPad application and iPad optimized website. I ended up shipping code everywhere from the Instant Booking checkout flows to the database that powers commerce BI/analytics to that (now defunct) footer that spams you with pictures of your Facebook friends.

I’m a 2011 graduate of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. I like brains, computers and math. I’m a former Ultimate Frisbee player and I and love to ski & sail.

As an undergrad I was in charge of the bipedal motion (robots walking on two legs) code for the Northern Bites Robocup Team (Standard Platform League), where I used particle swarm optimization to find a stable bipedal gait for the Aldebaran Nao robot. Additionally, I worked for Bowdoin’s NOC and as a TA for CS 101.

My PGP fingerprint is: 577A 9EA5 05B2 2CAC B367 69C9 B2E7 22BC 4097 CF82.